pronounced cor-rin

Just a simple gal who enjoys the simple things in life like family & friends, the outdoors, dance parties, and pizza. Like, do you really need much more? 

This is my absolute freakin' dream job. When I have a camera in my hand, I feel like I can just be me. The different perspectives, detail, light, little moments, connection, and thrill each photograph brings is what keeps the fire going. Rummaging through a shoe box filled with old pictures from my childhood is one of my favorite things, and I truly want to capture all that goodness for you. 

hey there, i am corrine  

If having a master in observation was a real degree, I would have it. Combine that talent, with a splash of patience and humor, and you have your photographer. I truly just want to create some meaningful photos for you. My goal after you receive your gallery, is to show you that little moments, aren't so little. Little moments matter most and I think understanding & living with this mindset, inspires me at each photo session. 

photographs are meant to tell stories, start conversations, and spark a feeling.

Yup, You are my photographer

My family is the thing that really makes my heart go boom.

My world right here folks. 

Keith, my husband, the man who encourages me everyday to do what I love and is most certainly the pepperoni to my pizza.

Our two kiddos, Mitchell & Brooke. My life would not be the same without these two. They give me a whole new perspective on life, have humbled me in many ways, and show me just how important time is. 

some fun facts

I can't sing but act like I can while I am driving 

I enjoy bird watching... and people watching 

Daily dance parties are a must

I'm super freakin' stoked to meet you 

I despise yellow mustard

"As a photographer myself, I'm pretty picky about who I work with, and let me say that Corrine is the BEST! We did an adventure session along the Blue Ridge Parkway and it was fun, exciting, and so US. She let us be ourselves, gave us the perfect amount of direction when needed, and was timely with her gallery delivery. trust me, YOU want to shoot with this phenomenal creative!"

What fellow creatives/moms are saying..... 

-Jessica D.