Fun, Comfortable, Relaxing

How about we set those worries aside and have a photography experience that just feels good and natural. I am here to guide you every step of the way, from location recommendations based on your needs and desires, to styling and outfit suggestions, to prompts during your session to create connection and laughter, I am here to help.... and will also probably throw a bad joke your way too. 

If you are light hearted, enjoy a good laugh, and genuinely try to live the best freakin' life... then HELLO, we are a solid fit and we are doing this! 

 i strive to make sessions feel... 

families - starting at $550

1 hour, full rights to photos, access to print shop, 55+ images 

Throughout our family session, I encourage you to stay present with your children, let them explore, and speak positivity. I am there every step of the session to ensure a fun and easy experience for the whole fam... yup, even Dad. Our session will be filled with movement, interaction, and will respectfully go at the pace of your child's needs.

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intimate weddings starting at $1400

2 hour, full rights to photos, access to print shop, suggestive timeline, 120+ images (more packages available)

I say this over and over and over and over again... your wedding day can be whatever you want it to be. Whether that is eloping in the mountains, or in a flower field, or at a brewery, or a backyard wedding, staying true to you is the biggest and best advice I can give. Throughout the planning process, I am there every step of the way to ensure you not only get the photos you desire but feel prepared, relaxed, and present on your big day. 

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couples - starting at $550

1 hour, full rights to photos, access to print shop, 55+ images 

Ideal for any occasion, whether it be engagement, adventure, just because, or proposals, I am down for the ride. During couple sessions, I am paying close attention to how you interact with each other and find ways to make it as natural as possible. Think of me as a solid third wheel, who cracks jokes and encourages you to just be you. 

Yup, I'm Down

What Clients Are Saying.... 

"Corrine is a beautiful person that sees the beauty in others. Her unique super power is that she can capture it through a lens. Our whole family (husband, toddlers and dog included) enjoyed our session and we were blown away by the images we received."

-Mackenzie P.

What Clients Are Saying.... 

"Corrine, is equal parts photographer genius, comedian, and overall good human. She will take her time to make everyone feel comfortable, and be patient when little people or husbands are feeling ornery. Her passion shines thru from the moment you meet her till your gallery is delivered."

-Leigh P,

What Clients Are Saying.... 

"10/10 recommend! Corrine was so accommodating and helpful...She kept the atmosphere light and fun. Bonus Points: my husband (who hates having his picture made) really enjoyed the shoot! We received the photos in a timely manner and they were GORGEOUS. Corrine will absolutely be taking our family photos in the future."

 -Jada E.

What Clients Are Saying.... 

"Corrine is AMAZING! We love her and have recommended her to several friends in the area. She is fantastic with children and you can tell she is doing something that she loves. Corrine has blessed us with family photos a few times now and we hope she will continue to document our family through the years! Do not hesitate to book with her- she is kind, talented, professional, and fun!"

 -Brandi M.

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